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Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Ex protagononista de “Two and half men”

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A Most Valuable Gift (via Lessons Learned From Experience)

Realmente que puede considerarse un regalo de incalculable valor, el poder escuchar lo que no podemos leer, es un gran avancé humano, además de ser una acción de amor al prójimo. Los felicito, son geniales.

I had a reputation for always being late. When my mother would ask me to do something my answer would be “In a minute.” I can recall her saying, “I’ll be on my deathbed, drawing my last breath, they’ll call you and you’ll answer ‘In a minute.” If a friend’s party was to begin at six, they would tell me five-thirty and expect me at six-fifteen. My brother was worse than me when it came to being late. When scolded for his tardiness with the comment … Read More

via Lessons Learned From Experience

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